Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 The Year of Prof Jones

I think we can declare the year 2009 a Year of Prof Steven Jones, and his - together Prof Harrit and others - his mighty definitive 2009 Nanothermite WTC Evidence study, as for what 9/11 Truth is concerned.
Single one most definitive most important act of the 9/11 Movement history. And yes, let's mention Ms Janette MacKinlay and her pivotal providential role!

The history, the big history of the nation, is being written, right now, by big, awesome, fearless Patriots standing for the Truth, for their country, for our common principles and our common conscience.

They never will be forgotten.

Professor Jones! .... you blew us all away, apart, into pieces, into higher orbit, with your definitive study!
How can we survive such a jolt? :]

Cheers ! The Victory is ours! The Victory is that of Truth and Justice. ... At least in America.


Additions to the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and thoughts for 2Kten |

Possible desired effects and reasons behind latest Detroit bombing attempt 12-25-09 inside operation |

Possible desired effects and reasons behind Detroit bombing 12-25-09 inside operation: To introduce new, additional police state security measures and install new equipment to further harass air travelers.

1. to remind people, to keep population in apprehension, or outright fear, of terror.
2. to get to Pres Obama, to express irritation with his policies, to be able to say - he is not "protecting Americans well enough"
3. some agencies inside political infighting. A palpable friction lately came out between Cia/Dir Panetta and National Intel Council/ Dir Blair
3. simple pretext for further conflict, as Sen Lieberman already called for preemptive strikes on Yemen
4. implied message that the next time, bomb might actually work
5. all of the above

I do think that managers in CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA responsible for this inside operation - letting known radical banned in Britain board a plane with a defective bomb - should be reassigned immediately. Any such consequences never happened after 9/11, as far as I know.

Possible desired effects and reasons behind latest Detroit bombing attempt 12-25-09 inside operation |

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Michael Shermer: "9/11 Truthers Foiled by 12/25 Attack" |

Mr. Michael Shermer,

1. What "CNN reports" is very much just another inside job, propaganda. .. I have not seen them report scientific facts and evidence about 9/11. Have you??

2. al Qaeda, confused as any other American, will take credit for anything they like . Especially for anti-American terrorist attempts, because they resent occupations, aggressions, colonization of their Arab lands by US and the western Christians, started during never elected pr Bush.

Let me explain - al Qaeda probably even to this day doesn't not know that they have been had, aided - that secret entities have their 9/11 not only allowed, but also made it happen real good. This per irrefutable scientific evidence by now, too.

The big factor in stirring terrorist anger and actions is US remote UAV airplanes bombing and killing people on the ground in occupied countries, Afghanistan and also Pakistan. This foments terrorism well. Just as any occupations, wars.

Detroit failed bomber was inside let it happen operation too - but a good one - nobody was killed, they set it up so bomb did not explode.
See, and better

What is "foiled by 12-25-09" inside fail bombing attack is peace, a chance for peace, and 9/11

In fact, NOT revealing and investigating 9/11 Truth controlled demolition inside operation pretext to war is leaving the same forces in place, might bring more pretexts for wars inside covert ops. ... for summary news

Michael Shermer: "9/11 Truthers Foiled by 12/25 Attack" |

Cops fear 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners | The Sun |News

Failed Detroit bombing 'let it happen' job is direct consequence of not revealing the truth about 9/11 - the same forces still plotting wars they need and profit from.

The same utterly incompetent agencies on a path of confusion. 9/11 controlled demolition pretext for wars. What is the next one? Where was CIA in letting this person on board and entering USA? Let's stop world war before it starts.

If CIA FBI DHS TSA fail to body search, to prevent boarding and entering USA by to Britain known and banned terrorist, then they all need to be resign and disband. 9/11 controlled demolition inside operation pretext for wars of occupation and colonization.

Cops fear 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners | The Sun |News

Monday, December 28, 2009

125 Pilot Whales Die On New Zealand Beaches

Propaganda! Not really - it is a public knowledge that whale, dolphins beaching is caused by underwater huge blasts by US military submarines sonars - underwater radars. These massively loud underwater sounds shatter animals' inner ears, part of brains, cause bleeding, and animals are unable to navigate, even if they are pushed out to see. They die from their injuries. It is true that US military is tying to address the situation and prevent this painful killing of animals. It really is similar to standing a couple steps of distance from huge, deafening roar of rocket or a big jet.

125 Pilot Whales Die On New Zealand Beaches

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This statement of core values includes these basic principles:

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.. 25% of children in USA are on foodstamps

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Mass violation of human rights in USA - poverty, hunger, homelessness, fear of violent crime. 2.5-3.5 million people, men, women, children live on the streets, pre-recession numbers. Current near depression is causing up to 59% homelessness increase.

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Friday, December 25, 2009

In San Francisco, hunger experienced by 25% children and 20% adults.

This in a country that spends $ 1 trillion a year for military and wars, and where 20-40% people do not have adequate medical care, from which 40 000 a year are dying. Call your Congressperson and tell them you want a military waste budget cut in half, now.

San Francisco Food Bank

Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount

US Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount. US medical cartel monopolies are forcing lower middle class Americans to travel abroad to get medical treatment.

Imagine cartels would allow Indian, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Korean good doctors, dentists, to compete, to practice in US, for up to 90% discount. That would be a free market, not medical corporate cartel communism...

if you're in that awkward middle, where you have a little money saved, current private medical insurance cartels scheme will take it all ........ Once a cottage industry, medical tourism may be on the cusp of a big expansion as governments from India to Singapore are investing in state-of-the-art hospitals, vying for a global market.

Deloitte Consulting estimated that 560,000 U.S. residents went abroad for care in 08. The firm thinks that number will rise to 1.6 million by 2012, with patients getting discounts of up to 90 % on procedures from liver transplants to hip resurfacing.

Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The unfinished business of Romania's revolution - Europe, World - The Independent

Unfinished business of Romania's revolution. Group of communists opposed to Ceausescu and seeking personal gain seized power, under the cover of the mass protests, having used army units to create bloody chaos around the country before presenting themselves as the "National Salvation Front".As Romania grapples with endemic corruption and an economic crisis, the successors to the communists remain hugely influential today
"After the arrest of the Ceausescus, the state apparatus of repression continued to fight against the protesters. In the name of defending against 'terrorists' this [NSF] group seized all the major institutions. They portrayed themselves as Romania's saviours and people believed them.

The unfinished business of Romania's revolution -
Europe, World - The Independent

Monday, December 14, 2009

The London Array Can offshore wind power Europe? | VentureBeat

The London Array: Can offshore wind power Europe?

The largest offshore wind farm in the world to go online by 2012, powering 750,000 homes in the London metro area.

A potential to generate and sell massive amounts of clean electricity to continental Europe.

The stretch of Scottish coastline used for the array dubbed “the Saudi Arabia of renewable power,”

The first stage of the project will build 630 megawatts of capacity (roughly 25 percent of London’s power needs).
Some estimates put U.K. offshore potential at 25 gigawatts. U.K. consumes 45 gigawatts of steady generation.

The London Array: Can offshore wind power Europe? | VentureBeat

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mice With No Father Live Longer | LiveScience Etc.

Mice With No Father Sperm Live Longer. Female mice produced by using genetic material from two mothers but no father live nearly 30 % longer than mice with the normal mix of maternal and paternal genes.

Their findings provide the first evidence that sperm genes may have a detrimental effect on lifespan in mammals.

Mice With No Dad Live Longer | LiveScience Etc.:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed | LiveScience

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed. The lack of genetic diversity among humans alive today suggests that humans came very close to extinction after massive volcanic eruption 73 000 years ago killed off much of central India's forests, released 800 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere that blanketed the skies and blocked out sunlight for six years.

Global temperatures dropped by 16 degrees centigrade (28 degrees Fahrenheit) and life on Earth plunged deeper into an ice age that lasted around 1,800 years.

disaster may have forced the ancestors of modern humans to adopt new cooperative strategies for survival that eventually permitted them to replace Neanderthals and other archaic human species. some suspect another supervolcanic eruption will eventually take place.

Though not expected to occur anytime soon, a Yellowstone eruption could coat half the United States in a layer of ash up to 3 feet (1 meter) deep.

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed | LiveScience

Journeys - Craft Brews in Prague - Decisions, and More Decisions -

Czech beer - ceske pivo - best in world.

Journeys - Craft Brews in Prague - Decisions, and More Decisions -

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soviet commander: U.S. faces similar Afghan fate -

Afghanistan : you cannot impose democracy by using force.

Afghanistan has not been and never will be conquered, and will never surrender to anyone.' Afghans are a very freedom-loving and proud people.

More than 900 Americans and nearly 600 allied troops have died in the invasion conflict.

According to White House estimates, it costs about $1 million per year to send just one soldier to Afghanistan.

That figure includes the cost of the equipment the soldier would need, the fuel to transport the soldier to the theater and move him/her around during their deployment, and food, housing, combat pay, ammunition and other miscellaneous costs.

Soviet commander: U.S. faces similar Afghan fate -